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Growth Opportunities

At VECV, we believe in the concept of"Employee First". As an organisation we are committed to invest majority of our time & effort in ensuring a continuous process of nurturing talent.

We ensure that our employees get enough opportunities across all levels. Growth is provided in terms of horizontal and vertical movements and is closely linked to organisational requirements.

We at VECV, ensure that our employees are equipped to handle everyday business challenges and hence we encourage them to undergo structured training programs to address both technical and behavioural competencies requirements. These competencies are mapped for each position in the organisation and are revisited time and again to ensure their relevance in the ever changing dynamic business environment. This plan is further supported through an initiative wherein all managers play a proactive role in mentoring and coaching people in the development process of their subordinates. In addition, we have a strong leadership team which inspires people in their day-to-day development process.