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    • - ABM - HD Trucks Sales (Sales and Marketing) for Eicher Trucks & Buses

      Current Openings - ABM - HD Trucks Sales

      PositionABM - HD Trucks Sales

      RoleArea Business Manager


      Academic Qualification B.Tech+ MBA (preferably)

      Experience7-10 years

      Reporting To Regional Sales Manager


      1. Analyze monthly and yearly with the team the TIV movements , mkt share, environment, etc., Deploy yearly sales plan, firm up the plans monthly and yearly, model wise, evolve score cards, develop work plans and communicate to dealer 2. Prepare sales promotions plan in consultation with dealer/financiers, devise and monitor and approve exception to schemes, approve ads and promo material, and ensure reimbursement to dealer 3. Forecast demand, analyze stock levels, and indent to the plant. Allocate vehicles in case of supply constraint Review Vehicle billing, payment collection and accounting, Verify margin money, dealer financing limits, complete month end reconciliation of accounts 4. Identify infrastructure requirements for new Dealers, prepare ROI, scout locale, and appoint dealers. Complete claim settlement of the resigned dealer 5. Monitor sales infrastructure readiness for new product launch, monitor deployment of extra resources and training to personnel.
      1. Measures 2. % Volume Achieved 3. Brand Adherence to Market Variables Budget 4. % Launches meeting ramp up volumes for the Region 5. Dealer and End User Engagement Scores for the Region and Timeliness of Countermeasure implementation 6. Dealer Key Element Assessment Scores for assigned Dealers 7. % order lines supplied in agreed lead time

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    • - Service Agreement Pricing Manager (Sales and Marketing) for Eicher Trucks & Buses

      Current Openings - Service Agreement Pricing Manager

      PositionService Agreement Pricing Manager

      RoleDeputy Manager


      Academic Qualification Engineering Graduate (B. Tech) and/or MBA

      ExperienceMinimum 5 years of experience/ exposure to vehicle operation in field, dealer processes, failure analysis and resolution process, product monitoring and maintenance cost calculation in various applications

      Reporting To SA Product Manager


      • Responsible for setting up, improving, adapting and managing SA Pricing Process as per business requirement. • Release of Standard SA Prices as per schedule, Non-standard/ case to case basis requirements and Customized contracts for Tenders or Key customers. • Closely co-operate with Vehicle Projects to calculate SA Prices for New Products or variants. • Competition intelligence and Price Benchmarking; establish justifications • Support front end with price justification based on customer value proposition. Develop Sales arguments and objection handling to enable value selling. • Actively work with vehicle Marketing and Sales teams to create packages with vehicle sales. • Engage in process changes/ system development in all business processes with interface or impact with SA Price. • Identify areas for improving price efficiency and drive initiatives. • Generate all marketing and promotion material to support the front end team to promote sales. • Field visits to interact with dealer teams and customers to identify customer segments to target SA value proposition. • Ensure robust control mechanisms to prevent price leakage through process/ system improvements, audits and field visits.
      Understanding of: • Various vehicle systems (basics of design and function) • Dealer repair practices and Service process/ procedures. • Causes of common failures (high frequency and cost contributing). • Variations in failure patterns for different vehicle applications/ usage patterns. Skills: • Good numerical skills, preferably supported by grades • Avid user and learner of Microsoft excel • Commercial acumen to understand and argue upon routine commercial transaction with say dealers or customers. • Excellent skills in comprehension and writing of business English. Mindset: • Keen desire to learn commercials, risk management and decision making • Analytical and inquisitive.

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